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The Bride side (How to glow on your wedding day)

The colour, the lights, the gathering, the merry making, the grandeur and all things nice are a part of the fairy-tale coming true phenomenon known as an Indian wedding. All of us, especially all you beautiful ladies out there have at least though once of getting married just like they show in those Bollywood movies.

Some of us are soon to be getting married, and for many of us it’s just round the corner. With the wedding day coming closer, our heart beats fasten not just with warmth and excitement but also with feet sweating, heart chilling nervousness. Would everything turn out to be perfect! Would my fantasy of being the most beautiful bride come true! Thoughts that our dream wedding would crash haunts us till the day it is successfully done and gone. Let alone enjoying our own wedding day, we are so stressed out that we are not able glow our best.

No matter how much make up you put up, if you want the best photographs on the best day of your life, forget the stress, let your hair down and don’t even worry to get worried for all you know is that everything would be perfect just the way you have imagined it to be. So here are some tips from us that you could do...

  • Have a glass of blood red wine, or orange juice for that sake,

  • Dip your feet in warm water the night before and let all your nightmares slip away, so that, you get to sleep like a baby.

  • The next morning, look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate yourself for how beautiful you are

  • Think just one thing, that is, there is nothing to think for everything is being taken care of

  • Shut the door of your room and dance on your favorite tune, for you know that a lot of crazy fun is waiting for you throughout the day

  • Be happy for its finally coming true….

Are you still worried that won’t have your best moments captured? Leave it to us and don’t you bother about a thing. For if you are not enjoying, nothing can light up the spark, no flash from no camera could give you the best photographs. So you see all you have to do is have fun through the ceremonies and celebrations and we would give the best picture so that you can frame this day for forever.

Call us at 9836983637 or email us at to get your best moments captured. Visit to see more.


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